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Is it time for a tune-up?

Maximize gas mileage and power, and increase the overall life of your vehicle, with regular tune ups. Tune ups should happen every 20,000 – 50,000 miles depending on the make and model of the car. Not sure what your vehicle calls for? Just ask a member of our staff to print off the maintenance schedule for your car.

A tune up makes sure that often overlooked “little things” work correctly and get replaced if needed.  The tune up process and service may vary from car to car or based on the time since your last tune up service. Prices may also vary based on your vehicle and selected services. Click below to request a service quote or to schedule an appointment online.

Joe Talks - Tune Ups

A tune-up at Heinold & Feller includes:

  • Replace the fuel filter. Filters get clogged with particles and it can decrease the car’s efficiency and power.
  • Change the spark plugs and check the plug wires. Bad plugs or wires lead to mileage inefficiency, loss of power, and rough starts. We’ll want to make sure you get new plugs and replace old wires.
  • Replace distributor cap and rotor. Some cars do not come with these items, but if you have them, we can replace them.
  • Check ignition system and timing. Older vehicles rely on ignition timing.
  • Make needed adjustments to valves and check/replace gaskets if oil is leaking.
  • Belts are an important part of the tune up. We check all your belts and replace them if we see signs of wear and tear.
  • Check all fluids and top off any levels.
  • Change oil and filter if needed.
  • Check and replace air filter.
  • Check and adjust clutch in cars with manual transmission.
  • Service battery. Clean cables, add distilled water, and clean terminals.

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